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Keep Hope Alive

The family and friends of Kelsie Jean Schelling have worked hard to keep her name in the news, to keep reminding people of her disappearance and to keep hope alive. We appreciate everyone that attends missing persons events and that continually share and talk about Kelsie's story. You never know when the right person will recognize Kelsie, reach out and help us to find her.


Below are some events that we have either hosted or attended since Kelsie went missing on Feb. 4, 2013:

​​Enhancing State Legislation
April 7, 2016

Senator Sonnenberg worked with Laura Saxton (Kelsie’s mother), Elaine Hall (Dylan Redwine’s mother), Jeanne Hanson-Colburn, Jessica Hanson and other victim’s advocates to pass a bill which would make it a Class 3 Felony to tamper with a deceased human body. The bill was signed into law by Governor John Wright Hickenlooper, Jr.

​​Missing Persons Day Declared in Colorado
February 4, 2016

Kelsie has now been missing for three years. This day was declared Missing Persons Day in Colorado. Kelsie’s family and friends, along with families of other missing people, participate in a balloon release at the State Capital – a big first step in honoring and remembering the missing in our state. Hopefully this is the first of many steps.

​​Wheels of Hope
September 11-14, 2014

Dennis Crowley handcycled from Denver to Pueblo, CO for three days to bring public awareness to Kelsie Schelling's case. The event expanded to include all missing persons and to encourage helping families suffering through the pain of missing a loved one. On Sept. 14, Family and friends of Colorado missing persons gathered to meet Crowley at the end of his journey in Mineral Palace Park in Pueblo, CO. The event included a the raising of the American flag and a balloon release.





​​Kelsie Jean Schelling Searches
Began August 2013, Still Ongoing

Family and friends have hosted many searches in the Pueblo area. Our hearts have been humbled by the amount of people that have given their precious weekends to help us look for clues. We feel as if we have been surrounded by love and have appreciated getting to know all of you. The public is always, always welcome to attend any and all searches. Information regarding dates and times of searches is posted on

​​2nd Annual Help Find Kelsie Fashion Show
August 1, 2014

Kelsie's best friend, Bobbi, spearheaded the Second Annual Help Find Kelsie Fashion Show. Pansophy PR and Barbizon Southwest partnered in coordination of this successful fundraising event, where designers and models local to the Denver area joined together to bring awareness to Kelsie's disappearance. The event was held at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Arts Center in Denver.


​​Awareness/Fundraiser Booth
May 17, 2014

Bobbi, Kassidy and Paula organized a fundraising booth at Thorntonfest to raise money for search efforts. We are thankful for the donations from individuals and groups that we were able to sell during the event. Kelsie's mom and brother were also present to speak with passerbys about Kelsie's disappearance.


​​Candle Light Prayer Vigil
January 25, 2014

Simultaneous prayer vigils were held in Colorado, and many others were held privately in homes around the nation. Laura Saxton, Kelsie's mother, hosted a prayer vigil in Pueblo, CO and Doug Schelling, Kelsie's father, hosted a prayer vigil in Holyoke, CO. Family, friends, neighbors and supporters gathered by candle light in song and prayer to support Kelsie and hope for her safety. At this vigil, Kelsie's baby, Kadrie, was officially named.



​​Rally for Awareness
November 16, 2013

Family and friends gathered together on a busy intersection in Pueblo, CO to hold signs for Kelsie Jean Schelling. Chants of "Missing Girl and Baby!" could be heard from blocks away and signs said "Honk for Hope." Even though our conversations with drivers were brief, we were able to spread awareness of Kelsie's disappearance and hand out small flyers.



​​Help Find Kelsie Fashon Show
August 28, 2013

The first Help Find Kelsie Fashion Show was a great success! A special thank you went out to the hardworking Sabrina Coleman, Bobbi Danielle, Angela Black, Barbizon Southwest and Pansophy PR. Also a thank you went out to the very talented fashion designers: Bitter Sweet Dolor, Clothes Minded and Infatue Clothing. There were gorgeous models at the amazing Soiled Dove venue. Channel 9 News and 303 Magazine covered the event. The music was perfect. We especially loved the PowerPoint and the all-purple ending! The number of friends, family members and new faces brought tears to our eyes. It was amazing to see everyone that came to support Kelsie and to spread awareness of her case.


​​Online Help Find Kelsie Bracelet Mission
Began June 2013, Still Ongoing

Purple bracelets are worn to support Kelsie and the family had asked that all who were wearing a bracelet to share a photo of on Facebook. The family then created a Facebook photo album dedicated to all those that are showing support with an awareness bracelets. The family is very appreciative for and completely humbled by all of the support for their missing loved one, and Kelsie would be too. This effort is ongoing and new photos are still being added. Learn more about purchasing a bracelet here: Kelsie Awareness Bracelets





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