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As a small child, I remember watching you as your electric personality became more defined. Your actions, sense of humor, intelligence, and love of God and family were but whispers of the woman you would become. I was full of anticipation as I immersed myself in each of your milestones.


I helped pick up the pieces when you got your heart broken over the years, applied the bandages when you fell and scraped your knees, shared your laughter which was always infectious, and admired your courage as you ran head-first facing new adventures and challenges.

You will always be part of my happiest memories and evoke deep emotions. Although I could appreciate the precious gift of your love and spirit for 21 years, I truly feel cheated out of a life that held so much promise.


You are now gone, Kelsie, along with our grandchild, your unborn baby, but your spirit refuses to die. Your soul touches our hearts. Your spirit lives on in the tributes and stories found on and lives in the hearts and minds of your family and friends. Your spirit transcends your passing and brings a much needed focus to the plight of other families of the missing.


I promise I will continue to search for you and to seek justice. It was not my choice to survive without you, but it is now my choice to stand up for you and give you a voice until you return home one more time.

I love you both so much and miss you immensely.

A Message From Laura

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