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Ways To Help

It Takes A Community To Find A Loved One

By visiting this website, you've already made a first step toward helping to find Kelsie Jean Schelling!
The physical locations of most of our events are held where Kelsie went missing, in Pueblo, CO. But no matter where you are, you can still make an impact amoung the community of loving individuals that support efforts to find Kelsie.
Whether you are near or far, you can contribute and help bring Kelsie home. We need you.
Below are some suggestions on ways you can help today:
  • Read about Kelsie and learn about her case. (Click here to see Kelsie's case on Pueblo Crime Stoppers.)
  • Follow Kelsie's story on Facebook and share her posts with your Facebook friends.
  • Engage with Kelsie's story on social media. Follow her story on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. Use the hashtag #HelpFindKelsie
  • Print off flyers and hang them in public. (Click here to download Kelsie's $50,000 Reward Flyer as a PDF.)
  • When available, purchase (and wear/use) a bracelet, t-shirt or bumper sticker -- or make your own!
  • Attend one of our searches. (You'll find a list of upcoming searches on the Help Find Kelsie Facebook page.)
  • When the family hosts a public event, attend! You can also participate remotely by having a small prayer vigil or balloon release at home.
  • Write a letter to a local official or media personality and remind them of Kelsie's story.
Our family is humbled daily by the amount of support they've received on Kelsie's behalf.
To Kelsie's dearest long time friends, our beloved distant family members, helpful neighbors from Holyoke and Yuma, the tireless Pueblo and Denver communities and to the inspiring people across the globe that have supported our cause — Thank You!

A Million Thank Yous


FROM THE Bottom OF OUR Hearts

Hearts HAVE NO Bottoms

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