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Our Favorite Memories

We miss your smile, Kelsie J.! We miss your sweetness, silliness and sassiness. We love you tremendously.

Although our adventures may have been put on hold in 2013, your family and friends are very grateful for each and every moment that we were blessed to share with you. We hope and pray to continue to grow a photo album with you and beautiful Kadrie in the future.


Click and drag the photos below. Double click to learn more about Kelsie and her family and friends:

Kelsie and Bobbi
Kelsie Pups
Allie and Kelsie: Dancing Queens
Keslie and Karmi
Alex, Colby and Kelsie
All Smiles At Big Brother's Wedding
Kelsie, Laura, Sierra and Bailey
Colby, Kelsie and Regan
Kelsie and Laura, Her Mother
Our Faith-Filled Kelsie
Kelsie and Laura
Little Ones: Kelsie and Colby
Kelsie and Doug, Her Father
Estes Park Wedding
Bike-Riding Kelsie
Colby and Kelsie
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