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My Thoughts From Preliminary Hearing

We have been sharing the media reports from the Preliminary Hearing that took place on Thursday and Friday, but I wanted to give a little overview myself. Those were 2 of the most exhausting days of my life. After decompressing and resting a little, I'm ready to get back at it.

There were several witnesses who gave testimony, all from various law enforcement agencies. That testimony was finished up late Friday afternoon, so final arguments were not given. The judge has a lot of evidence to review that could not be presented in it's entirety, due to time constraints. We will be back in court this coming Thursday, May 31, for those final arguments and hopefully the judge's ruling.

We appreciate so much everyone who came out personally to be in the courtroom with us and also all the positive thoughts and prayers being sent our way. While we feel very confident this will be taken to trial, there are no guarantees; but the Judge seems to be very thoughtful in considering all the evidence that was presented. I will also say that I am not in a position to discuss any of that evidence at this time. I do not want to put myself in a position to not be allowed in the courtroom.

Your continued thoughts, prayers and encouragement are so needed. We need this to move forward, so that we have more opportunities to learn information that will lead us to Kelsie's location.

I would ask for your positive thoughts and prayers for our investigators and prosecutors, who we believe did a wonderful job presenting the evidence.

Finally, please pray for Donthe that his heart and conscience will be touched and he will do the right thing by allowing Kelsie and their baby to come home.

Thank you all. Your support helps give us our strength to get through this horrible time in our lives. I wouldn't wish this on anyone...

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