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Reward Increased to $100,000 for Feb. 2019 ONLY

For the month of February 2019, only, the Schelling/Saxton family is offering a $100,000 REWARD (in total) to the person(s) who provide(s) information leading to loved one and missing person, Kelsie Schelling’s, direct return or location. The reward increase from $50,000 to $100,000 is in remembrance of the 6th Anniversary of Ms. Schelling’s disappearance and to honor her 28th birthday on Feb. 18.

The person of interest in Ms. Schelling’s case is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial. Ms. Schelling’s family hopes that someone will find it in his/her heart to come forward before the case reaches its impending trial date. The identities and contact information of submitting parties may remain confidential.

Ms. Schelling’s family implores anyone and everyone to submit any information and leads, no matter how irrelevant they may consider them to be.

Please find the updated flyer here: Kelsie Schelling Missing Person Flyer

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